Triple-needle Pattern Sewing Machine CC-3020G-01A-C3

Short Description:

3 needle pattern sewing machine can sew 3 different color thread, with 3 needles automatic shift.

With the advanced needle switch technology, improve the shoe vamp sewing effect of 3 colors stitches.

The needle bar of the machine can be switched freely, and patterns of three colors can be sewn at the same time.

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Model CC-3020G-01A-C3
Sewing area Max.30×20cm
Line single needle sewing
Highest sewing speed 2700rpm
Feeding device Intermittent feeding (pulse motor driven mechanism)
Stitch length 0.05-12.7mm
Max.stitches 20,000 stitches/pattern
Work clamp lifter pneumatic (height:max.30mm)
Clamp lifter all in one
Clamp lifter ascension range 22mm
Hook double shuttle hook (Hirose Janpan)
Belt Opti  Germany
Sensor Omron Japan
Valves SMC Japan
Tension device electric tension device optional
Data storage USB or Memory card(CF card can save and edit any sewing patterns)
Motor AC servo motor 1000W
Air pressure 0.5Mpa 1.8L/min
Net weight 220kg
Gross weight 290kg
Packing 126*126*135cm
CBM 2.14m³

The needle bar of the machine can be switched freely, and patterns of three colors can be sewn at the same time.

Effectively solve the problem that two colors need to be sewn and conventional machines need to be sewn twice. Double needle and double color sewing at one time, double the efficiency

Computerized electric pattern sewing machine with 3 needles, it support 3 colors  sewing threads

Automatically switching the needles when sewing high speed sewing,low power consumption, improve the productivity and excellent sewing quality

It suitable for heavy fabric sewing (leather, thick fabric etc)

Automatic sewing for the recycling mask

Double shuttle hook, automatic thread break detector.

Servo drive: X and Y use servo drive, which makes the stitch more beautiful, low noise and low vibration.

Broken thread sensing: used to sense thread broken, the sewing operation will automatically stop when the thread is broken.

Adopting the international advanced drive motor and double guide rails, fast speed and small vibration, double guarantee of productivity and comfort

Integrating Chache's core technology and customer's usage habits, it achieves the ultimate experience with higher precision and wider range.

Equipped with a disconnection sensor, combined with a new generation of operating software, it realizes multiple functions of automatic induction, automatic stop, automatic alarm, smart and energy-saving"

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