Computerized Sewing Machine



    Small mouth pattern sewing machine Feathers: with the 7″ touch panel control. Max speed can readh 2700rpm stitch length 0.05-12.7mm support electricity and phuematic dirve optional All in one presser foot Rotary hook AC servo motor for the kid shoes, bottle holder etc sewing  Packing: Net weight: 160kg Gross weight: 208kg Measurement: 1250*850*1350mm  
  • Automatic bobbin changer

    Automatic bobbin changer

    Automatic bobbin changer is designed for winding  and changing the bottom thread of pattern sewing machines, It can detect the less thread of the sewing machine and change it automatically in 3 seconds.  This device can be applied in JUKI, BROTHER, CHACHE and some top brands pattern sewing machines.

  • Leather sewing machine for heavy duty

    Automatic Heavy material Sewing Machine

    A heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine is a powerful tool that is used for industrial-grade stitching and hemming. This type of machine is ideal for sewing multiple layers of fabric, leather, and canvas, as well as for creating intricate designs on apparel, accessories, and upholstery.

  • Inserting Shoe Eyelet Sewing Machine CC-3020G-02A-ZD

    Inserting Shoe Eyelet Sewing Machine CC-3020G-02A-ZD

    Punching the shoe eyelet automatically after feeding the material.

    Shoe webbing can be cut, folded, feeded, and sewed automatically.

    Specialized in shoe eyelet webbing sewing on vamp, 3 in 1 work procedure, improve the work efficiency and productivity.

  • Computerized Pattern Sewing Machine CC-3020 / 3525G-01A

    Computerized Pattern Sewing Machine CC-3020 / 3525G-01A

    Automatic industrial pattern sewing machine for safety shoes, sporting shoe, bags, belt,seat belt, stuffed toys,car SRS making etc leather or thick and heavy materials sewing.

    7″ LCD touch panel control for easy operation, compatible with Brother system

    To fix the fabric easily with presser foot 2-step down, due to the accurate needle position, this sewing equipment  can sew a fine and exquisite lines

    Servo motor control to improve the feeding device for high-speed and heavy fabric, prevent from the NG stitch and deviation problem.

    low power consumption, economical and practical sewing machine

  • pattern sewing machine 3020H

    pattern sewing machine 3020H

    Chache pattern sewing machine 3020H is designed for low cost and high efficient sewing.

    This industrial sewing machine with the 7 inches touch screen controller

    Compatible with the Brother system for multi-function sewing

    Good at the leather product, shoes, and handbags automatic sewing



  • Pattern sewing machine for leather sewing


    150*100mm sewing area for leather product sewing, such as shoes, handbags, belts, labels etc

    the max speed of this pattern sewing machine reach 2700rpm

    with the 7″ touch screen controller

    most cost effective pattern sewing machine

  • Small head pattern sewing machine

    pattern sewing machine with small head

    Small mouth pattern sewing machine for the small- bore product sewing. 7″ touch panel controller for easy operation.Adopted energy saving technology for low comsumption and environmental protection. This computerized sewing machine with 15*10 sewing area, the mouth size is 135*48*53.3mm, single needle sewing,  2 step control clamp lifter , with AC servo motor 550W. Specification 缝制范围Sewing area 15*10cm 小嘴尺寸Small mouth size 135*48*53.3mm 线迹Line 单针平缝single needle sewing ...
  • Special sewing machine for sporting shoe

    Special sewing machine for sporting shoe

          Automatic  sewing machine specially used for sewing fine sports shoes’ eye webbing. The traditional process needs to go through at least four processes, such as cutting the webbing, cutting the vamp hole, manually feeding the webbing, sewing manually, etc.            This special pattern sewing machine can complete all the four processes on one device, and realize automatic cutting, automatic hole cutting, automatic webbing threading and automatic folding and sewing. It can greatl...
  • Automatic Bra-snap Sewing Machine CC-2210G-01A-WX

    Automatic Bra-snap Sewing Machine CC-2210G-01A-WX

    Support different sizes setting of bra back buckle from 1.9-14cm.

    Zigzag sewing lines, or other stitching lines can be set

    LCD color touch panel control system, easy operation

    The bra sewing machine, the sewing range is 20mm—75mm. It can be switched to 3-5 back hooks according to actual needs.

  • Pattern sewing machine for handbag

    Industrial handbag sewing machine

    4530 is the pattern sewing machine which for shoes and handbags industry automatic sewing, which with the 7″ touch panel control, support making the the patterns on computer and on machine directly, easy operation system, make the working process more efficient.

    This model is the most cost effective pattern sewing machine in our company. 450*300MM working area can sew the a pair of the shoes in the same template,  with the 550W servo motor of strong  needle penetration can sew the beautiful stitches  for the heavy material.

    There’re various optional function for this machine, side slide system, flip flop device, thread catcher, electric tension,  bobbin winder and changer.



  • CC-12040


    programmable sewing machine with economical , high efficient productivity,excellent sewing quality.

    Superior modified space, the largest sewing area can reach 1200*400MM.

    7″ touch panel controller helps to easy operation and make the pattern.

    Heavy fabric sewing with high speed still keep a stable working condition.

    PS300B programming software to draw the pattern easily

    Optional device: side sliding device, flip flop device, bar code scanner etc.

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