Computerized Pattern Sewing Machine CC-3020 / 3525G-01A

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Automatic industrial pattern sewing machine for safety shoes, sporting shoe, bags, belt,seat belt, stuffed toys,car SRS making etc leather or thick and heavy materials sewing.

7″ LCD touch panel control for easy operation, compatible with Brother system

To fix the fabric easily with presser foot 2-step down, due to the accurate needle position, this sewing equipment  can sew a fine and exquisite lines

Servo motor control to improve the feeding device for high-speed and heavy fabric, prevent from the NG stitch and deviation problem.

low power consumption, economical and practical sewing machine

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Model CC-3020G-01A
Sewing area Max.30×20cm
Line single needle sewing
Highest sewing speed 2700rpm
Feeding device Intermittent feeding (pulse motor driven mechanism)
Stitch length 0.05-12.7mm
Max.stitches 20,000 stitches/pattern
Work clamp lifter pneumatic (height:max.30mm)
Clamp lifter divided
Clamp lifter ascension range 22mm
Hook double shuttle hook (Hirose Janpan)
Belt Opti  Germany
Sensor Omron Japan
Valves SMC Japan
Tension device electric tension device optional
Data storage USB or Memory card(CF card can save and edit any sewing patterns)
Motor AC servo motor 750W
Air pressure 0.5Mpa 1.8L/min
Net weight 230kg
Gross weight 320kg
Packing 126*126*135cm
CBM 2.2m³
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According to the requirements of the product can realize the multi - section thread tension adjustment, so that the sewing stitch is more beautiful. Moreover, simple embroidery patterns can be sewn, which is difficult for ordinary embroidery machines to perform on thick fabrics.

When the thickness of the fabric changes, the intermittent pressure foot can be switched, so the intermittent pressure foot always acts according to a certain intermittent pressure. Can prevent presser foot to lift too high or too low so as to realize up and down line consistent sewing.

Without using tools, you can set the pressure foot rise by entering a value on the panel or in the program. In addition, depending on the sewing procedure, the height of the intermittent presser foot can be set to the desired height using a user program

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