Backpack & Handbag

In addition to the convenience of putting things in handbags, its other more important function "decoration" has a fashionable definition just like clothes and hairstyles. Handbags in a narrow sense, refer to all kinds of bags with hand-held bags, In general speaking, handbag include handbags, backpacks, wallets, etc. According to their uses, there are travel bags, official bags, fashion bags, packing bags, wallets, school bags, fanny bags, etc.

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Handbags have various styles, complex structure and different materials, need high requirements for manufacturing accuracy, so skilled operators are often required. But if you sew a handbag with pattern sewing machine in some parts, it can decrease the production difficulty a lot, computerized sewing machine is controlled by smart system, through the touch panel you can set and make the patterns, compare to the manual industrial sewing machine, any green hand can operate it well, and the effect standard of the sewn products is uniform.