The world wide pandemic changed the work and life style in our daily life, bringing the profound effect in manufacturing industry.

With the labor cost is increasing, Industrial manufacturing enterprises start to pay attention on automatic production, especially in labour intensive industry. Upgrading the production equipment to decrease the labor cost and improve the production efficiency seems extremely urgent.

The shoe making industry is one of the typical low-end manufacturing type ventures. Pattern sewing machine also known as the computerized sewing machine helps a lot of large size shoe factories, in the last 3 pandemic years, it start to popularized in China domestic market.


Cost effective sewing machine for shoe making industry

The shoe vamp sewing is a complicated work processing, some designs with many layers to sew, in the tradition work method by normal sewing machine need to sew one by one, but now by the pattern sewing machine, as long as you make the template well, you can sew all the layers together, it not only improve the work efficiency but also save the labor cost.

Environmental sewing machine

Electric pattern sewing machine with direct drive motor for low power consumption, the max 2700rpm sewing speed of high efficiency can also guarantee the machine working in a stable status.