The world wide pandemic changed the work and life style in our daily life, bringing the profound effect in manufacturing industry.

With the labor cost is increasing, Industrial manufacturing enterprises start to pay attention on automatic production, especially in labour intensive industry. Upgrading the production equipment to decrease the labor cost and improve the production efficiency seems extremely urgent.

With the increasing consumption of automobiles in China, Automotive products such as leather car seat, airbag, safety belt  as well as car cushions also use pattern sewing machine for automatic sewing.

 The leather car seat always have 3-5 layers with the sponge in the middle, need to sew very carefully and slowly, even like that, the not good rate is high,because it’s very hard to control the stitches lines by hand,  compare to the traditional production process by normal sewing machine, pattern sewing machine can use the template to fix the material well then sewing.  

In addition to the convenience of putting things in handbags, its other more important function "decoration" has a fashionable definition just like clothes and hairstyles. Handbags in a narrow sense, refer to all kinds of bags with hand-held bags, In general speaking, handbag include handbags, backpacks, wallets, etc. According to their uses, there are travel bags, official bags, fashion bags, packing bags, wallets, school bags, fanny bags, etc.