Special sewing machine for sporting shoe

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This latest automatic shoe lace loop sewing machine is designed for such special hidden lace loop automatic sewing, which can cut, fold and sewing the webbing automatically. the webbing size is adjustable

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      Automatic  sewing machine specially used for sewing fine sports shoes' eye webbing. The traditional process needs to go through at least four processes, such as cutting the webbing, cutting the vamp hole, manually feeding the webbing, sewing manually, etc.            This special pattern sewing machine can complete all the four processes on one device, and realize automatic cutting, automatic hole cutting, automatic webbing threading and automatic folding and sewing. It can greatly improve the production efficiency, save 70% labor cost, and the finished product is standard, effectively avoiding the inevitable error of manual sewing.

      Adjustable belt length and webbing feeding speed, beautiful upper, standard stitches and easy operation.


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