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Automatic bobbin changer is designed for winding  and changing the bottom thread of pattern sewing machines, It can detect the less thread of the sewing machine and change it automatically in 3 seconds.  This device can be applied in JUKI, BROTHER, CHACHE and some top brands pattern sewing machines.

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Although computerized pattern sewing machine has brought great convenience to manufacturers, there are some shortcomings that need to be improved urgently, the most important of which is that the bottom thread of pattern sewing machine is too short.

1. The bottom thread is short, and workers need to change the bottom thread frequently. Cases of changing the thread core every 10 minutes abound.

2. During sewing, we don't know how much bottom thread is left. Often, the bottom thread is used up in the middle of sewing, and the sewn products need to be reworked or even scrapped.

3. It is tedious and inefficient to manually change and wind the bottom line.

The automatic bobbin changer developed by our company can perfectly solve the above pain points.

Automatically detect the remaining bottom thread.

Automatically replace the bobbin uninterrupted sewing.

Automatically extract the remaining bottom thread to avoid manual consumption.

Automatic bobbin winding saves time and effort.

This automatic bobbin changer can be applied in 3020,4530,6040 or bigger sewing machine Brother or Juki type etc.

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