The fifth general meeting (communication meeting) of Guangdong Sewing Equipment Chamber of Commerce was held successfully.

2021 annual work report

The main highlights of the Chamber of Commerce's work in 2021 include: insisting on party building leading development and strengthening the party building work of the Chamber of Commerce; Extensive visits to member enterprises, sewing equipment industry centers and key sales markets for investigation and research; Strengthen the connection and communication among members and deepen the service work of the industry; Successfully completed the investment invitation, exhibition invitation and service organization of co-hosting the exhibition, and the exhibition brand won the excellent case of reform, innovation and development of the Chamber of Commerce; Successfully organized the "Greater Bay Area Cup" Guangdong Sewing Machinery Maintenance Vocational Skills Competition; Actively participate in exchanges between national and local business associations and industrial chains; Organize members of the Young Entrepreneurs Committee of Guangdong Sewing Equipment Chamber of Commerce to visit and exchange with key enterprises in the industry, and hold the 2021 Working Conference of the Young Enterprises Committee; Continue to carry out the "Guangdong Sewing Equipment Chamber of Commerce Hope Primary School" public welfare activities; Declare the "Four Good" Chamber of Commerce of Guangdong Federation of Industry and Commerce in 2021; Take an active part in the study of social organization construction, and learn from the business level and service ability of the Secretariat in internal promotion.


In 2022, the Chamber of Commerce will focus on the following work according to the requirements of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, based on epidemic prevention and control and economic services, combined with practical and scientific plans:


◆ Do a good job in inviting, inviting investment and organizing services for "2022 Greater Bay Area International Intelligent Textile and Garment Industry Equipment Exhibition DTC and South China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition SCISMA" (Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center Baoan New Hall);

◆ Help the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong sewing industry, help enterprises understand relevant preferential policies and support eligible member enterprises to apply for special fund subsidies; Help member companies to improve their market expansion ability, and assist member companies that meet the application conditions for exhibition subsidies to apply for exhibition subsidies;

◆ Continue to carry out legal consultation, provide legal services for member enterprises, guide enterprises to resolve risks, properly mediate conflicts and disputes, enhance risk prevention awareness and ability, and help enterprises develop healthily;

◆ Complete the application of "light industry vocational skill level accreditation base", better promote the construction of professional skill talents in Guangdong, and establish the evaluation system of professional talents in light industry;

◆ Continue to work with member units and industry enterprises to promote the construction of "the belt and road initiative", and do a good job in the exhibition services of VTG Vietnam Exhibition and BISMA Bangladesh Exhibition in 2022 according to the epidemic situation and prevention and control requirements;

◆ Provide participation or extension services for member enterprises participating in China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition (CISMA2021);

◆ According to the changes of epidemic situation and the requirements of prevention and control, timely organize the sixth general meeting of the Fifth Chamber of Commerce;

◆ Promote the cultivation and development of young entrepreneurs and the inheritance, innovation and development of private enterprises;

◆ Do a good job in online investigation and visit investigation of member enterprises and industrial clusters of sewing equipment industry in Guangdong;

◆ Actively develop distinctive and representative enterprises in the industry to join the Chamber of Commerce.


Post time: Apr-26-2022