Origin and development of Computerized sewing machine

Chache Computerized Sewing Machine, which can replace ordinary flat sewing machines, is used in bags, handbags, shoe factories, garment factories, sports and leisure devices and other factories, because sewing is complicated and there are many processes at corners. It can completely replace manual work, active thread cutting, active needle rewinding and irregular sewing, with high sewing speed, improved work efficiency, labor saving, easy operation and management.

Our patter sewing machine can make beautiful sewing according to sewing data, and adopt high-speed hard cloth feeding device of servo motor to sew fine patterns. Even when sewing at high speed or with heavy materials, there will be no displacement. The minimum resolution is 0.05mm Each pulse decomposes the data with a resolution of 0.05mm and transmits it. And can be widely used in embroidery of medium and thick materials.

The efficient automatic sewing and presser foot mechanical control device can preset the presser foot height in the trip. When the cloth thickness changes, the presser foot height will automatically adjust, providing a stable sewing effect. The sewing speed can be up to 2700rpm, and the production efficiency is higher.

Chache Computerized sewing machine provides extra-large data storage capacity, and a programmer with extra-large LCD screen can check the pattern shape in real time, and both horizontal and vertical dimensions can be displayed, so it can simulate sewing patterns in real time; Sewing instructions can be added into the program, the programmer and the panel controller can be used independently, and the sewing data can be displayed on the LCD screen and easily processed. Increasing the output, a production line can generally increase the output by more than 30%~50% before and after using the computerized sewing machine, which can produce stable, beautiful and complicated sewing stitches, reduce the cost and increase the income.

Automatic sewing scheme can completely replace skilled lathe workers and work efficiently. Chache Pattern Sewing Machine can be used in the sewing process of bags, handbags, magic stickers, binding belts, trademarks, furniture, shoes, clothing, leather goods, stationery, safety belts, ropes and other commodities.

In the autumn of 2007, Chaocheng successfully produced the first computer pattern machine of the R&D and planning team. Through repeated tests for many years, it detected and ensured the stable performance, safety and high efficiency of the machine. In 2013, Shenzhen Chaocheng Sewing Technology Co., Ltd. was established, which listed and sold computerized sewing machines, and also specialized in OEM computerized sewing machines for sewing machines of famous brands around the world. With scientific management, strict quality inspection and excellent technical team, the company is steadily moving towards the leading enterprise of automatic pattern sewing machine.

Post time: Apr-02-2022