Chache industrial sewing machine’s plan

2020 is coming to an end, with Shenzhen Chaocheng Sewing Technology Co.Ltd's vision, to a new goal in 2021.

With the development of the National 14th Five-Year Plan, Chache brand will also work towards the following three aspects in the future.

1, product aspects:
The company continues to grasp the pulse of the industry and the market, to accurately and keenly forward-looking market, to capture market opportunities, and constantly professional, intelligent product development, continue to build cost-effective products, strengthen product competitiveness, to meet market demand.
Establish a new generation of product planning, master market initiative and sustainability, in the market to achieve a free hand, winning tickets in hand.

2, marketing:
To cost-effective products as a guarantee, and constantly improve pre-sales, after-sales service;
To dealers as the main channel, combined with the current situation of dealers, to carry out cultivation, support, leading the vast number of dealers sales performance of the new breakthrough. Strive to build a sound dealer agent management system, and constantly expand the dealer team.

3, optimize resources, internal and external combination, the development of cohesion:
The company continues to play its own advantages, optimize existing resources, rally the strength of all parties. ;
Continue to do a good job in the introduction of talent, the formation of enterprise-scale production, standardized management;
speed up industrial automation, intelligent product upgrading;
Strengthen the selection and management of suppliers;
Deepen cooperation in the industrial chain, enhance risk resistance, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industrial chain.
Innovation mechanism, strengthen management, enhance the welfare system, build a talent echelon.
To maximize the use of government policies to help enterprises in all aspects of harmonious and stable development.

Finally, Chache brand want to group up with all the agents and dealers and expand our market in Computerized Sewing Machine and smart sewing technology.

Post time: Apr-26-2022