Audi! Make shoes? Serious?


Can you imaging? Audi, a famous car company we are familiar with, started to do things, and actually "made shoes"! Audi combined its most proud quattro four-wheel drive technology with the modern trend to form quattro sneaker.

From the appearance point of view, quattro sneaker fully reflects that Audi's related elements have Audi's Peugeot LOGO on the toe, tongue and sole of shoes, especially the LOGO on the toe. The atmosphere is like a "car logo" that shows identity


In addition to the Audi LOGOquattro sneaker, the upper is wide and flat, which inherits Audi's classic hexagonal integrated air intake grille design. The upper is provided with a large area of horizontal stripes, which is derived from the design inspiration of the front grille decorative strip of Audi models. Combined with the cool and bright black, the whole pair of shoes has a strong visual impact.

As a "car brand that can play with lights best", how can Audi miss any opportunity to play with lights? The light sign of "quattro" is printed on the side of shoes, which makes the sign of "quattro" shine at night.


The whole pair of shoes looks more like a "walking billboard". After all, almost all the relevant design elements that can reflect Audi's sense of technology have been applied to these shoes. In fact, this is not the first time quattro sneaker has met with you. As early as April Fool's Day in 2018, Audi released the promotional film of these shoes.

In this video, parkour god wears quattro sneaker and jumps over the eaves and walls in the streets. Many trendy shoe players were planted with grass by this pair of shoes, and at the same time, they also saw the unprecedented stability brought by the combination of Audi quattro and trendy shoes. However, after the April Fool's Day video was released, this pair of shoes never had the following. So many people think that this is just Audi's April Fool's Day creative marketing, but they never thought about it. After three years, Audi actually realized its creativity!



Of course, Audi, which has a great sense of science and technology, naturally won't just make the sign shine. The most unique thing is that this light sign has a built-in induction system, which will light up as long as your hand is waved, and it also offers three colors for you to choose from, just like its car lights.

Compared with children's shoes that can shine when stepping on the battery, does Audi's "manual" lighting design have an inexplicable sense of ritual? In order to avoid the embarrassment that the luminous sign has no electricity, quattro sneaker also has built-in magnetic charging, which can be charged as soon as it is pasted, and has both trend and digital sense.

Post time: Apr-26-2022