“14th Five-Year Plan”, standardization work is poised to develop for industrial sewing machine

1. The design is clear.

Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" standardized development key tasks are mainly aimed at Automatic Sewing Machine multi-species, discrete and so on, to digital, networked, intelligent as the goal, to enterprises as the main body, to build a reasonable structure, strong operability, with the times industry standard system. Specifically, within 5 years to complete the formulation of more than 30 industries in urgent need of basic commonality, key technologies and application of normative standards, the gap with the international advanced level significantly narrowed. That is, by 2025, to complete a new round of the current standard system combing and optimization, the basic establishment of a more digital, intelligent features of the Industrial Sewing Machine standard system. "Within five years, lead the development of international standards 1-2. This will fully reflect the ability to be a seamer power. "


The standard system to meet the development needs of the industry is not only a huge systematic project, but also the top-level design of the industry standard work. It is understood that the "14th Five-Year Plan" period sewing machinery standard architecture mainly includes basic common standards, key products and wisdom sewing and other 3 categories, of which the basic common standards include basic common standards, testing and evaluation standards, safety standards and service standards, such as 4 parts Sewing machines, Shoe Sewing Machine, Computerized Sewing Machine, Pattern Sewing Machine, industrial sewing machines, cloth cutting equipment, electrical control systems, functional components and other 8 parts, intelligent sewing systems mainly cover the sewing machinery interconnection and system integration, digital factory / workshop architecture, intelligent services and next-generation information technology applications.

2. The content is clear

And the key construction content is more and more clear, detailed, divided into the basic common standards and key products and technical standards two major parts. According to Lin Jianlong, vice president of the association:

First, basic common standards. Mainly includes the basic general standards, focusing on sewing, embroidery and other existing terms to update, the development of intelligent sewing system data dictionary, Footwear Sewing Machine product design, production, service and other aspects of the whole life cycle involved in the data items, data structure, data processing, computer applications, etc. to define and describe; Develop and establish an intelligent evaluation index system for automatic sewing machine, and provide and evaluate the digitalization, networking and intelligent manufacturing capabilities of intelligent sewing machinery and intelligent sewing factories, workshops or production lines, etc.; Service standards, establish and improve the industry service standards system, increase the Industrial Sewing machine products, application solutions, such as pre-sale, after-sales consulting service specifications, the development of sewing supply chain coordination, remote operation and maintenance for the satisfaction of new business processes and needs of intelligent service standards and the corresponding service capacity evaluation standards.

Second, key products and technical standards. Including the overall standard, carry out industrial sewing machine digital factory, green factory, intelligent sewing factory and other master planning and simulation design, carry out virtual factory information model, digital twin system and other sewing plant modeling and simulation standards research, system and data interface standards, specification and definition of intelligent sewing plant internal and external network architecture, all kinds of intelligent sewing equipment data format, communication protocols, communication interfaces and programming and user interfaces, system interfaces, etc., digital design standards, Standardize and define all kinds of sewing equipment products digitization, modular model, classification, database and data sharing specifications, etc., key process standards, combing and standardizing the surface treatment technical procedures of the core key parts of automatic sewing machine, special processing process procedures, machine assembly process procedures and other key process standards, the preparation of various types of production and application site-oriented work instructions, the development of corresponding digital process and operation management standards system Automated sewing units, cloth cutting equipment, sewing intelligent distribution system and other product standards and has a standard interface, modular, portability and interchangeability numerical control system standards. Development and development of various types of CNC and artificial intelligence technology based on automatic bottom line, automatic winding, intelligent clamping, automatic feed, automatic cutting and other automated sewing components standards. Standardize and define various artificial intelligence technologies and methods for human-computer interaction, machine vision and biometric identification for intelligent sewing devices.

3. The task will be carried out orderly

First, strengthen development planning, around the "Made in China 2025" national macro-strategy and the overall goal of the development strategy of industry powers, research and dynamic adjustment of the industry in various fields and enterprises development goals and plans.

Second, continuous integration of innovation. Actively carry out technology benchmarking and application innovation, against the national intelligent manufacturing standard system construction guide and other national and light industry guidance documents, orderly reference to absorb the latest technological development achievements of the upstream and downstream industrial chain, to maintain the dynamic update of the standard system.

Third, coordinate and integrate resources. We will give full play to the platform functions of The China Sewing Machinery Association, the All StitchIng Standards Committee (SAC/TC152) and the Industrial Sewing Machinery and Electrical Sub-labeling Committee (SAC/TC231/SC4) to give full play to the main role of the enterprise. Orderly introduction of the industrial chain upstream and downstream advantages of resources and standardized professional institutions resources, sub-technical committees, working groups and other standardized professional branch set-up exploration, optimize the standardization organization and work system.

Fourth, strengthen standardization. Give full play to the role of trade associations, enterprises and standardized professional institutions, in order to focus on standards, quality improvement, enterprise standards leader plan and other special activities in the form of creating a good standardized development atmosphere, improve the industry's overall quality standards awareness and input, promote the development of high-quality industry.

Fifth, actively carry out standard talent planning, further strengthen the industry scientific and technological innovation coordination system, formulate and implement various types of special knowledge renewal projects and personnel training / introduction plan;

Sixth, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, accelerate the development of multi-dimensional, diversified international exchanges and cooperation, embroidery, cloth cutting equipment and other product technology as a breakthrough, and actively promote the establishment of international standards and system revision, strengthen the impact of international development and voice.

Post time: Apr-26-2022