pattern sewing machine with small head

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This pattern sewing machine with small head, good at  cylindrical product automatic sewing, such as the socks, gloves, cup case, bottle holder etc .

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Small mouth pattern sewing machine for the small- bore product sewing. 7″ touch panel controller for
easy operation.Adopted energy saving technology for low comsumption and environmental protection.

This computerized sewing machine with 15*10 sewing area, the mouth size is 135*48*53.3mm, single needle sewing,  2 step control clamp lifter , with AC servo motor 550W.


缝制范围Sewing area 15*10cm
小嘴尺寸Small mouth size 135*48*53.3mm
线迹Line 单针平缝single needle sewing
最高缝纫速度Highest sewing speed 2700rpm
送料装置Feeding device 间歇送布(脉冲马达)Intermittent feeding (pulse motor driven mechanism)
针距Stitch length 0.05-12.7mm
最大针数Max.stitches 2万针/图 20,000 stitches/pattern
压脚驱动Work clamp lifter 脉冲马达(最大30mm)pulse motor drive (height:max.30mm)
压脚Clamp lifter 一体式两步压脚 2 steps, all in one
抬压脚上升量Clamp lifter ascensional range 22mm
旋梭Hook 两倍摆梭double shuttle hook
数据储存Data storage USB or Memory card(CF card can save and edit any sewing patterns)
马达Motor AC伺服马达AC servo motor 550W
气压Air pressure 0.5Mpa 1.8L/min
包装Packing 125*85*135cm
体积CBM 1.44m³

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