Eyelet/Hole Punching Sewing Machine CC-3020G-01A-CF

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This hole punching sewing machine can sew patterns and punch shoe holes at the same time. Solve the problem of traditional craftsmanship that requires two people to operate

Automated sewing integrates two processes, you can sew first and then punch, or punch first and then sew. One machine, one worker can complete two processes in this hole punching sewing machine. Share a template, all in one go.

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Model CC-3020G-01A-CF
Punching head 1 heads, standard circle(1.2-3.8mm)
Line single needle sewing
Highest sewing speed 2700rpm
Highest punching speed 1000rpm
Feeding device Intermittent feeding (pulse motor driven mechanism)
Stitch length 0.05-12.7mm
Max.stitches 20,000 stitches/pattern
Work clamp lifter pneumatic (height:max.30mm)
Clamp lifter all in one
Clamp lifter ascension range 22mm
Hook double shuttle hook (Hirose Janpan)
Belt Opti  Germany
Sensor Omron Japan
Valves SMC Japan
Tension device electric tension device optional
Data storage USB or Memory card(CF card can save and edit any sewing patterns)
Motor AC servo motor 750W
Air pressure 0.5Mpa 1.8L/min
Net weight 220kg
Gross weight 290kg
Packing 126*126*135cm
CBM 2.14m³

Really save labor costs and machine costs, while improving production efficiency. Realize the machine substitution.

Shoelace loop attaching sewing machine with the mechanical arm to feed the shoelace, safe production, reduce the operation accident

Compare to the traditional old sewing machine, this new machine improve at least 60% working efficienc

1 worker can operate the several loop attaching sewing machines, improve the production efficiency.

The shoe sewing machine can automatically grasp the tongue, automatic conveying, automatic sewing

Double zone unwinding, automatic conversion, realizing non-stop operation for footwear sewing machine

Solve the problem of low efficiency and low safety in the traditional process of cutting the webbing and sewing webbing separately, and integrate the process, which can greatly improve the efficiency in the industrial sewing machine

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