How to make the Adidas shoes?

Adidas is international brand  in sporting products, especially Adidas shoes,  as you know , the signal of  Adidas shoe logo  is 3 webbing labels, this almost becomes the Adidas fashion label. Do you know how does the factory make 3 labels in Adidas shoes?
We will show you here today

Few years ago, Adidas shoe factory use our standard pattern sewing machine to make 3 webbing label, it have to cut the webbing first and put the webbing one by one by hand, just as the below video:



Since we design to the new automatic webbing sewing machine which can cut the webbing , feed the webbing and start to sew automatically, it helps factory save more labor cost, and this automatic sewing machine is easy to operate, it can set the webbing size by touch panel, and the webbing stitches looks nice. Check this video to help you understand well.


Post time: Sep-09-2022